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Successful Business Woman, Real Estate Broker, Developer, Educator, International Business and Local Community Liaison, Multi-Lingual, Elena brings top notch skills to represent District 06 in US Congress, running to be Your Voice in DC, stands to protect US Constitution, Our Rights, Our Freedom and America's Future. Elena is a business woman with 20 plus years in business, not a career politician, she puts America First and Our People First in every decision, Elena gets things done for You - No Excuses.

Vote ELENA OELKE - R District 06 Michigan on August 4 in Primary Elections, thank you for Your Support and Votes!


I grew up in the Soviet Union, area of Ukraine, country that was based on socialistic system with no individual rights or freedoms. I am very passionate to stand up for America, because I came as a legal immigrant to America in 1998, became a successful business woman and achieved American Dream. America is my home now, I am a proud American citizen, American people are my people and I am a passionate fighter to preserve the opportunities America gave me for others, to insure our freedoms stay intact and America and her people come first in every decision we make as a Country and Congress. God Bless America. I stand For Our People.


I graduated from The University in Ukraine Master's Degree with Magna Cum Laude honors, top of my class and before coming to USA in 1998 created a very successful career there working in variety of Industries, International business and Education fields, worked as a long time Liaison between Businesses and Local Communities, negotiating and seeing project come from start to completion with lasting results.

I continued my success story in the entirely new direction in USA, becoming a successful Business Owner, Real Estate Broker, Developer, continued to be an Educator in my field of business, commitment to Southwestern Michigan, local communities success and at this time

I am answering Our Great Country's call to stand up for America and Our People in the Republican Primary Elections on August 04, 2020 Congressional Candidate from District 06 Michigan. Vote Elena Oelke - R US Congress on August 4, 2020! Thank you for Your Vote!


I count on Your Support and electing me to represent You in US Congress 2020. God Bless the USA. We can and we will do it together. Stand with me for America and Our future.



I have a Heart For America and Our People, I will do what ever it takes to Keep Our Country Great and make sure our freedoms stay intact, Our People and Our Country prosper forever.

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